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Contact information:

Mökkiavain / Ikaalisten Kylpyläkaupunki

tel: +358 3 4501 222

Office open: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00

Here we answer to some often asked questions about cottage holidays. You can also contact our customer service tel. +358-3-4501222 or kylpylakaupunki@ikaalinen.fi, we are happy to help!

After you make a reservation we send you a confirmation of reservation with contact information of the cottage owner. Please contact the owner about the keys. The owner meets you at the cottage/agreed meeting place at the time you have informed, so it is important to inform your estimated arrival time. Some owners might not speak English, in that case you can inform our office about your arrival time and we will contact the owner. Please note: In some cases there is a key code in the confirmation available (no need to contact the owner).

Toilet papers/paper towels are not included in the rent but most cottages have so called “starting package” available. The rent includes blankets and pillows but not linen (sheets and towels), however it is possible to book linen sets in advance, price 15 e/person. Price also includes wood for fireplace and sauna. Each cottage has cooking equipment and basic tableware for the number of people (beds) it is mentioned in the brochure/internet. Contents of the tableware varies depending on cottage, some cottages may have basic tableware and extra dishes (for example wine glasses, children tableware etc.), please ask the more detailed questions from the owner or our office in advance.

The cottage cannot be used by more than the number of beds provided. You can ask your friends to visit you during the day but for example tableware, wood and warm water boiler are counted for the number of persons (beds) mentioned. If you like to ask your friends to visit over night you must ask permission from the owner of the cottage. Tents or caravans are prohibited on the plot of land surrounding the cottage without permission.

Arrival (after 4 pm) and departure (before 12 o´clock) times are agreed so that the cottage owner has time to check and maintain the cottage before next customers. During low season you can ask the owner about longer stays if there are no other customers arriving/departing during the same day. However, it is not possible to know that for sure before your stay because it is always possible that cottage will be booked by other customers after you. If you want to make sure that you can arrive earlier/stay longer, please book the cottage for 1 day longer period.

Please inform the cottage owner immideately or before departure at the latest. The customer is under obligation to compensate for the damage he/she has incurred to the cabin or its property. If you cannot reach the owner, please contact our office.

More information about Finnish custom regulations in http://www.tulli.fi (in Finnish, English, Swedish and Russian).

Yes, the customers themselves are responsible for cleaning the cottage during their stay and before departure. Before departure the following final cleaning is expected: taking rubbish (including food, bottles etc) out, vacuuming and wiping floors with a damp mop, cleaning dishes (and emptying dishwasher), removing stains and dirts, wiping tables and surfaces, cleaning wc and sauna, taking goods and furniture in their places, making beds and airing bedclothes outdoors. The yard area and barbecue location must be left in a tidy condition.

It is also possible to book the final cleaning in advance, price 60-350 e (depending the size of the cottage). Even if you have booked the final cleaning, you have to organize all back to their places for examble the furnitures. The cottage must be in a good shape after your use according to good manners.

The pets are allowed only in cottages mentioned separately in internet (check the pet sign). In some cottages it is mentioned “ask the office” which means that you have to agree in advance about pets and there might be some restrictions. Please also note Finnish custom regulations about taking pets if arriving abroad.

Please contact the owner immideately during your stay of any comments or complaint concerning the cottage. The owner will help you as soon as possible. If the situation does not improve, please contact our office within 72 hours. If the situation still remains without improvement you should file a written complaint in our office within a month. If the customer and Ikaalisten Kylpyläkaupunki fail to reach an understanding on the matter, the customer can take the case to Finnish Consumer Complaint Board.